Top 5 Female Badasses on TV for 2016

We’re living through the Golden Age of television, according to the people who decide such things, and 2016 has seen some truly impressive representations of badass women. From shows on premium channels to primetime television, women have been badass physically, emotionally, and politically. And that’s just Lexa from The 100.

Five Reasons to Watch Emerald City

By now, you pretty much know the story of Dorothy’s trip to Oz inside and out, right? You’ve had the original Wizard of Oz, the soulful 1970s adaptation The Wiz, Gregory Maguire’s philosophical (fan-fic?) novel Wicked, and the blockbuster musical that followed. You’d think we would have exhausted innovative and compelling ways to tell this narrative. Well, NBC would like to challenge that impression, and their new take on this canonical story is visually rich and narratively innovative. In this episode, we offer five reasons to watch (and one reason not to) Emerald City. 

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Winter – a modern retelling of Snow White

In this episode of Badass Women Save Themselves, Blythe and Jove discuss Winter, the 4th and final book in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

Winter is the fairest in all the land. Except she’s kinda not. See, she has this evil step-mother who uses her Lunar gift to manipulate how others see her, so maybe she’s the fairest. Except she’s definitely not.

Regardless, their both a little mad. Winter in a I’ve-dropped-my-marbles kind of way and the step-mother in a I-want-to-rule-the-world kind of way.

The race is on to thwart evil, while also returning Winter’s marbles to their proper, unscrambled place.

Listen as we explore all the many layers of madness!

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Cress – a modern retelling of Rapunzel

In this episode of Badass Women Save Themselves, Blythe and Jove discuss Cress, book 3 in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

Trapped in satellite and at the mercy of a cruel guardian, Cress draws her prince, Thorn, to her by casting a cyber call for help. In the tradition of all heroes, he sweeps in and saves the day. Or maybe he stumbles in and needs Cress to rescue him. Or maybe the rescue one another.

Listen as we unravel the threads.

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Five Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has won more Emmys than any prime time television shows, and with good reason: arguably the most ambitious show ever to grace the small screen, GoT is epic in narrative and aesthetic scale. Its plot twists and turns until you’re spinning, and it’s a good idea not to get too emotionally attached to any character (although, good luck with that). In this episode, we give five reasons to watch the show.




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