Pitch Perfect

Our fifth podcast delights in the female camaraderie, talent, and pure joy of the Pitch Perfect franchise.

Podcast Episode Five: Pitch Perfect I and II brings together super talented female performers as the Barden Bellas, a collegiate a capella troupe whose songs will make you want to sing and dance right along with them. We chat about the way the series represents body confidence (and shaming), Elizabeth Banks’s comedic timing, and naked shower scenes with Cloe (who’s obviously the hot one). Click here to listen to our a ca-podcast! And, because we like to share the awesome things in life, we’ve included the finale of the second film at the end of this post. Watch and get your dance on!


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The Hunger Games

In our fourth installment, we discuss what makes Jennifer Lawrence so perfect, why The Hunger Games far surpasses the Divergent series (see first comment), and how the series makes a love triangle feminist (see first comment). If you’re sensing a theme, you might be on to something.

Podcast Episode Four: The children of Panem are forced into an arena where they fight to the death, and the public is forced to watch. Through this display of violence and power, called The Hunger Games, the Capitol rules its citizens. We discuss how the films represent spectacle, war, trauma, and power. Want to know which scenes were our favorites, or why it matters that the style of violence evolves across the three films? Come listen!


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