A high school girl dating her English teacher? Another one shoplifting? Another one is a lesbian!?! Such scandals! Welcome to Rosewood, PA, home to four Pretty Little Lairs. Get to know them, and our thoughts on them, with this installment of Badass Women Save Themselves. We discuss what makes this show work, our favorite liars, how the show pushes the envelope in terms of style and filming. Always gorgeous, often feminist, never boring, PLL grabbed us from the first episode. Come listen, then prepare yourself for binge watching!

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D.E.B.S., the podcast, examines the correlation between length of skirt and personality, the importance of writing a thesis on a subject you care about, and the irreverence of Holland Taylor’s one liners.

Podcast Episode Six: Join us as we hang out with Amy, Lucy, Janet, Max, and Scud. We chat about camp, subterfuge, and earnestness. We debate whether this is the funniest lesbian movie, whether Lucy is the best lesbian character, and what line from the movie is the funniest. Jove reveals her college clubbing attire. Blythe reveals HER college clubbing attire. It’s all very revealing.


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