Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She saved the world. A lot.

She also gave us some of the best representations of badass feminism, some of the most heart-wrenching love affairs, and some of the most hilarious one-liners on television. Buffy Summers introduced us to the idea that cheerleaders can be vampire slayers and audiences of all genders can enjoy watching strong women kick ass. Join us while we revel in our love of all things Sunnydale, Whedon, and Summers.



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House of Cards

“Democracy is so overrated.” At least, that’s what Frank and Claire Underwood think. Maniacal, vengeful, immoral–this power couple gives Lady Macbeth and her murderous husband a run for their money. Their backstabbing knows no bounds–except, arguably, each other. The show’s dark take on American politics and its twisted representation of marriage are haunting and delicious–and it’ll be fascinating to see what happens when the House of Cards comes crashing down.



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