The 100: S4E5

What does it mean to put your clan first, and what might it look like to not make decisions because of “your people?” What really is the nature of Abby and Raven’s relationship? Are we headed toward a BelEcho? An Echomy? Join us while we dissect The 100’s “Tinder Box” episode.


The 100: S4E4

We are thrilled to announce a new series of Badass Women Save Themselves, in which we analyze each episode of the CW’s The 100. In this, our first episode, we dig into 4×4, “A Lie Guarded.’ Clarke’s made a list, Roan’s planning a war, and Luna’s asking just how much agency she has over her own body. We talk about who really serves as Clarke’s conscience, whether Jaha is redeemable, and the emotional connections Raven forges with some of the people around her. Oh, and dental hygiene.

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