The 100 – S4E8

We agree that this episode is the best of the season so far, setting up brilliant and exciting stories to follow. The ending might have been a bit predictable, but was utterly satisfying anyway as Clarke does what’s right (perhaps foolishly). Jaha’s off on another pilgrimage to save the world through religion, and no one seems to be stopping him, proving that we never really learn from the past. And Jasper’s just interested in drugs and dancing–and really, who can blame him?


The 100: S4E7

The one in which Murphy plays househusband, Abby plays mad scientist, and Octavia plays a normal teenager (for once). God, who even remembers that half of this cast of characters is suppose to be less than 20 years old at this point? Things we loved about this one include Clarke being Clarke, and Emori being Emori. Things we didn’t love: Bellamy being Bellamy.

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