The 100: S4E12

The Chosen, the penultimate episode of S4 of The 100, has some truly spectacular moments–and one that we thought could have been done better. Octavia continues to amaze us, we’re excited about Clarke’s latest plan, and we’re conflicted about Jaha (what else is new). Join us as we break it all down!

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The 100: S4E11

Episode 4×11 of The 100, “The Other Side,” has a weak title and some lazy writing. It also has one of the most affecting goodbye scenes in the entire series, and touching reunion, and more wtf moments with Jaha. We’re concerned about–and for–Clarke, too. Join us while we break it down!

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The 100: S4E9

In “DNR,” episode 4×9 of The 100, Clarke tries to lead all the Grounders, Roan says not so fast, and a battle to the death gets set up. Along the way Raven, Jasper, and Harper decide they’d rather die than live in a bunker, and Octavia tries her hand a farming. It’s a fantastic episode that seems to be setting up even more fantastic things to come. Have a listen while we break it down!

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Game of Thrones: Top 5 moments from season six

I know, I know–we’ve already had an episode on Game of Thrones. But for a television show this rich, there’s so much more to say! And, Season 6 of Game of Thrones might just be Blythe’s favorite season of television ever. Long awaited reunions, revenge on a massive scale, diplomacy, and some adorable flirting–this season packs it in, offering an emotional viewing experience that spans from desperation to satisfaction

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