Top Five – Deserted Island

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a deserted island for the rest of your life? Ever wondered who you’d want to take with you for company? In this episode, we each offer our list of Top Five Fictional Women we’d want with us on an island forever and ever. Read our list, then give us yours!

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One thought on “Top Five – Deserted Island

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  1. Great talk! I would take Shaw too but not without Root, because while they both would totally get shit done on my island, the entertainment-factor is just sooo much higher when Shoot are together.
    Hermione Granger for those times things can’t be done by muggle means. Also: she’s intelligent and hot, lethal combination for me. Ah, Elizabeth Bennett, because I need some old-fashioned Britishness with a wicked sense of humor. And Regina Mills, ’cause, you know…hot and wicked. Also, Hermione may have some moral concerns that the Evil Queen would not have. 🙂

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