About Badass Women Save Themselves

Blythe and Jove want you to know that badass women save themselves. They don’t need a man to do it for them. In fact, badass women often save men, children, and themselves, sometimes all at once.

We are connoisseurs of popular culture, and we love the badass women who take control of the big and small screens, as well as the radio and the page. In our podcast, we talk about the stuff we love, and sometimes the stuff we hate, and why we love or hate it. Since there’s enough negative in the world, though, we spend more time on love than hate.

Come hang out with us while we chat about compelling, strong, gorgeous women and their contributions to pop culture!

Who are we?

Jove Belle…

…likes badass women, words that start with the letter “M,” and weather that allows her to ride her bike. She dislikes imbalance of power, sports analogies as a motivational tool, and bleu cheese. That stuff is just nasty.

When she’s not running amok on the internet, she writes books. Or she edits books.

You can learn ALL about her if you head over to her personal WEBSITE. Go ahead. Click the link. You know you want to.

Blythe Rippon…

…likes badass women, animals that shed, and music she can sing to. Dislikes include xenophobia, passive aggression, and grapefruit. She teaches during the day and dances in the evenings, mostly in the kitchen, usually with her toddlers and wife. Sometimes all by herself, though. Evidently her dance moves make people laugh so hard they can no longer dance themselves. She’s never sure if this is a compliment, and no one seems interested in clarifying for her.

You can learn a FEW things about her from her WEBSITE. She’s not as website-savvy as Jove.

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