Top Five – Deserted Island

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a deserted island for the rest of your life? Ever wondered who you’d want to take with you for company? In this episode, we each offer our list of Top Five Fictional Women we’d want with us on an island forever and ever. Read our list, then give us yours!

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Top Five TV Villains

What makes a good villain? Is it pure, unadulterated evil? Is it moral ambiguity? Is it creativity of methods? Join us for our Top Five Best TV Villains episode….although it should be noted that Jove’s list contains a lot more than five. She’s bad with rules. And Blythe’s good with that.

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Five Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has won more Emmys than any prime time television shows, and with good reason: arguably the most ambitious show ever to grace the small screen, GoT is epic in narrative and aesthetic scale. Its plot twists and turns until you’re spinning, and it’s a good idea not to get too emotionally attached to any character (although, good luck with that). In this episode, we give five reasons to watch the show.




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Top Five Real Life Badass Women

We devote most of our episodes to analyzing representation–fictional narratives on stage, screen, and page. In this episode, we move to the real world and offer our list of Top Five Real Life Badass Women. These are people who inspire us by their strength and tenacity, who are making the world a better place for not only women, but for all people.

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Top Five Ships!

Let’s talk about ships. No, not the kind with sails and pirates (although, really, we don’t spend enough time talking about that). The lesbian, fan-fic kind! In this episode, we discussion our top five non-canon lesbian ships. Some are so obvious they might as well be canon. Some we made up because it would have made the story more feminist. Most involve painfully beautiful women who stare at each other’s lips a little too much. All are a blast to discuss!

5 feminist things to do this summer

In this episode of Badass Women Save Themselves, Blythe and Jove discuss how to be cool for the summer, or rather, a cool feminist for the summer.

It’s been a summer of ups and downs. There are many ways to do summer right, but how can you have a fun-filled summer while also fighting for women’s rights? We’ve got some ideas for you!

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Five Recording Artists Who Move Us

Music moves us–that much seems undeniable. But how? And why? And, for purposes of this podcast, who? In this episode, we each list the five musical artists whose work moves us in some way, whether that be because the lyrics are poetry, the situation of the songs matches ones we’ve lived through, the artist(s) in question live their lives in such a way that we’re awed by them, or they break musical and political barriers. Herein lies our lists–what are yours?


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