The 100: S4E9

In “DNR,” episode 4×9 of The 100, Clarke tries to lead all the Grounders, Roan says not so fast, and a battle to the death gets set up. Along the way Raven, Jasper, and Harper decide they’d rather die than live in a bunker, and Octavia tries her hand a farming. It’s a fantastic episode that seems to be setting up even more fantastic things to come. Have a listen while we break it down!

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Game of Thrones: Top 5 moments from season six

I know, I know–we’ve already had an episode on Game of Thrones. But for a television show this rich, there’s so much more to say! And, Season 6 of Game of Thrones might just be Blythe’s favorite season of television ever. Long awaited reunions, revenge on a massive scale, diplomacy, and some adorable flirting–this season packs it in, offering an emotional viewing experience that spans from desperation to satisfaction

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The 100 – S4E8

We agree that this episode is the best of the season so far, setting up brilliant and exciting stories to follow. The ending might have been a bit predictable, but was utterly satisfying anyway as Clarke does what’s right (perhaps foolishly). Jaha’s off on another pilgrimage to save the world through religion, and no one seems to be stopping him, proving that we never really learn from the past. And Jasper’s just interested in drugs and dancing–and really, who can blame him?

The 100: S4E4

We are thrilled to announce a new series of Badass Women Save Themselves, in which we analyze each episode of the CW’s The 100. In this, our first episode, we dig into 4×4, “A Lie Guarded.’ Clarke’s made a list, Roan’s planning a war, and Luna’s asking just how much agency she has over her own body. We talk about who really serves as Clarke’s conscience, whether Jaha is redeemable, and the emotional connections Raven forges with some of the people around her. Oh, and dental hygiene.

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The Fall – Season Three

As a follow up to our previous podcast on The Fall, here we discuss the final season of the BBC2’s psychological thriller. When we last saw them, Detective Gibson was frantically trying to stop serial killer Paul Spector from bleeding out after he was shot, a controversial move she has to answer for more than once in the series conclusion. Paul’s psychological games continue with varying degrees of success, and we’re stuck shouting at the screen, punching pillows, and generally feeling feels. Feminist until the very end, the show is a staunch repudiation of violence against women–a must-see for anyone who can stomach it.

Here’s a photo of Gillian Anderson kissing Archie Panjabi. This didn’t happen in season three, but it’s still totally worth sharing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She saved the world. A lot.

She also gave us some of the best representations of badass feminism, some of the most heart-wrenching love affairs, and some of the most hilarious one-liners on television. Buffy Summers introduced us to the idea that cheerleaders can be vampire slayers and audiences of all genders can enjoy watching strong women kick ass. Join us while we revel in our love of all things Sunnydale, Whedon, and Summers.


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