Person of Interest

“You are being watched. The government has a secret system–a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.”
Well, if that’s not terrifying, what is? In this episode, we discuss the myriad ways in which the TV show Person of Interest (POI) defies expectations, from breaking out of the cop procedural mold to challenging our assumptions about government surveillance. The show has an amazing cast of characters, and we spend a fair amount of time talking about the unique, sexy, and very fun romance between Samantha Goves (code name Root) and Sameen Shaw. And, as always, we evaluate how feminist the show is. Have a listen. And if you don’t, the Machine will know.

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Faking It

This episode of Badass Women Save Themselves explores an idyllic world where being a lesbian student is celebrated and feminist culture is embraced.

Who wishes they’d gone to a high school where the gay kids are the cool kids and the punishment for breaking school rules is composting? We do, we do! Come hang out with us while we dish about MTV’s comedy Faking It.

It’s a charming show that features high school students who actually look and act like high school students with regular high school student problems. Best friends Karma and Amy pretend to be a couple in order to boost their popularity. It’s the perfect plan. No way anything could go wrong. Except for the part where one of them isn’t pretending.

Have a listen!


What happens after the apocalypse, when 100 juvenile prisoners are sent from a space station to see if Earth is survivable? The clash of civilizations, war, alliances made and broken, and brilliant, strong women saving their people.

In this installment, we discuss the glory and heartache of The 100. We rave about Clarke and Abby, we rail against the City of Light, and we discuss the controversial episode entitled “Thirteen.” We cover a lot of Ground(ers) here–come join us!
And, if you can’t get enough of The 100, Blythe blogged about it on her personal website.

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A high school girl dating her English teacher? Another one shoplifting? Another one is a lesbian!?! Such scandals! Welcome to Rosewood, PA, home to four Pretty Little Lairs. Get to know them, and our thoughts on them, with this installment of Badass Women Save Themselves. We discuss what makes this show work, our favorite liars, how the show pushes the envelope in terms of style and filming. Always gorgeous, often feminist, never boring, PLL grabbed us from the first episode. Come listen, then prepare yourself for binge watching!

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Our second podcast ambivalently dissects Shonda Rhimes’s How to Get Away With Murder. Good on race, questionable on gender, sexy because Famke Janssen, not sexy because lack of chemistry. 

How to Get Away with Murder stands as one of the few primetime television shows featuring a woman of color in the lead role. Viola Davis gives a tour de force performance as Annalise Keating, a law professor and defense attorney. Along with five law students, Keating defends alleged murders, indifferent as to their guilt. It’s not quite clear if any of the characters in this highly compelling show are likeable, as those closest to Annalise are drawn into webs of deceit, violence, and murder. Joins us as we consider the show’s approach to feminist and race-positive politics.


Our first podcast lavished praise on the BBC’s The Fall, Gillian Anderson, and male police officers learning to be feminists. But mostly Gillian Anderson.

Gillian Anderson is sexy, strong, and clever in the BBC’s The Fall. While a serial killer hunts young professional women in Belfast, Anderson’s character Stella Gibson hunts him while she seduces colleagues, swims, and points out misogyny anywhere she finds it. She does all these thing while looking gorgeous and demanding that everyone appreciate her mind instead of (in addition to?) her body. She’s better at multitasking than we are. Wanna hear all about her awesomeness?

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